Empire Flows, 2017 10” HDV. Shot at the Waabizipinikaan-Ziibi Filmmaking Residency, Somerset, Wisconsin. 
This film pieces together colonial and settler documents and their present-day marks around the Waabizipinikaan-Ziibi river on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border. 

De Re Metallica, forthcoming. HDV. “I will give you the treasures of darkness, and the hidden wealth of secret places.” 
A gathering of investors on a high desert peak dig slowly through a cavern in pursuit of an underground river of gold.
A short documentary about a camp of gold seekers in the Mojave desert and the material and social questions raised
by the persistent allure of treasure hunting in the American west. In collaboration with Brigid McCaffrey.

Rare Earth, 2014. 53,” HDV. From the Mojave desert, to the Pacific seabed, to the surface of the moon, the rush for rare earth minerals is afoot. Rare Earth explores the re-opening of an historically toxic rare earth mine in the California desert, and the intensifying land rush for the high-tech minerals across the world. The film traces the toxic and transformative legacy of treasure hunting in the American West—a legacy of speculation, produced scarcity and the social violence of resource extraction—deepening in our era of global climate change. 

History of Boats, 2010, 4,” HDV. A short documentary on the early US geographies of plantation economies and slavery, known as “the triangle trade.” Set at the location of an early provisioning farm on Shelter Island, New York, which raised pork to supply sugar plantations in Barbados.  

They Changed Your Name to California, 2009, 15,” DV. An experimental travelogue mixing footage of the Santa Cruz boardwalk with Spanish legends of California. These geographic and geologic fantasies and projections were instrumental in the violent entitlements of early colonial power on the peoples and land of what eventually became known as California. 

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